Friday, March 30, 2007

Life in Samoa

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting a blog. It seems like a good way to keep every interested party up to date on what's going on with the Roths. As we wrap up March this year, we have little excitement going on. Trey is in preschool at a private school called Pacific Horizons. He loves school but hates that he has to take a nap everyday. He's very much looking forward to kindergarten because naptime will be abolished. Nate keeps me busy at home. His favorite passtimes are dancing and climbing. He's a man of little words at 19 months. He's more of a point and grunt kind of guy. He's got playgroups twice a week, at which there are plenty of kids about his age. Both of the boys are in swimming lessons. Trey is a fish, Nate hasn't quite taken to large bodies of water yet, however, he has plenty of fun in our Samoan bathtub (Much like the washtubs of the old days but red and plastic) Most houses only have showers here, and you're lucky if you get one inside. Jay is settling into the routine of his new title with the Public Health Service. He is the territory's epidemiology field officer. He dives and runs in his free time, of which he would like to have more. We spend most of our weekend time outside battling the elements (heat and rain) and we love it most days. Adaptation to island life has been gradual but I think we can honestly say we have adjusted.