Monday, June 29, 2009

Embracing Suburbia

If you would have told me 7 years ago I would be driving an Odyssey and carting the kids to soccer and swimming and gymnastics, I would have had a good laugh. That was never going to be me. Well, it seems that is the path more traveled with the modern American family. I so miss the island life. I do appreciate the conveniences so much more these days but I miss our life of leisure and our friends.
I hesitate to post because our daily life seems so unremarkable. We've set our standards way to high for life adventure. For you "Lost" followers out there, Jay inadvertently quoted Jack when he said " we have to get back to the island". It is so hard to look at life the same way again once you've been there. Lost takes on a whole new meaning.
So enough of the philosophizing. The boys are doing well. Scott is finally trying to talk he says ball and book and cat and car all of which sound pretty much the same. He has redecorated the house with markers. Everytime his brothers let one go he has is it on the wall. Taupe is boring. Scribble is the latest thing, haven't you heard?
Nate has decided he likes swimming. He is still the cautious one but is finally going under. We just got him some shiny new goggles that he is very proud of and they seem to make him much more brave. He's still the life of the house with the comedy and dancing.
Trey, being the fish that he, is competed in his first swim meet of the season last week and swam away with a couple blue ribbons. He just had his 7th b-day and is losing teeth left and right. When you're 7, missing teeth is the coolest thing in the world. Not so much when you're 37.
And that's what's happening here for the moment. Pictures next time!