Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey Y'all!!

It's been a very long month. We moved into a hotel October 25 and are currently still in a hotel. The next facility I check into may be a mental one. We did make it to Nashville 2 weeks ago and managed to buy a car, a house, 5 new wardrobes, and enroll the boys in schools. We are starting the Relocate the Roths collection fund to afford this move if you're interested in donating. We are hoping all goes well with closing and we'll be in our new house on Graceland Ct. the first week in December. This was taken in one of the 3 atriums of the Opryland Resort where we stayed the first week we were here. It was like an indoor Samoa (papaya and banana trees included), where not a single person was wearing flip flops or shorts and t-shirts. It was something else. Stay in touch for more on the move.